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Welcome to Voices at Samsung Semiconductor

I’ve come to realize that in the dynamic world of technology – where change is the only constant – breaking new ground is continually required just to maintain the status quo. At Samsung Semiconductor, we strive to do much more. We are the engine that powers the latest gadgets and solves real business problems in the process.

Through this blog site, we will share our passion for driving the next-generation of products and solutions and give you a glimpse into the multifaceted world of Samsung Semiconductor – the technology, personalities and culture behind our business. The blog site will also give us a chance to initiate interesting dialogues and expound upon discussions pertaining to key technology areas impacted by our company:

  • Memory – Samsung makes chips that improve gadget speeds and increase capacity, but we are also focusing a lot of attention on making data centers (whose energy consumption exceeds that of the airline industry) more green, too. This is all being done through the likes of DDR3,LPDDR2, GDDR5 and other memory.
  • LCD – Our panels are pushing the envelope in performance, picture quality, thin design and efficiency along with enabling 3D and future tech like transparent LCD.
  • Foundry – Our dedicated logic foundry gives customers access to advanced designs and process expertise.
  • Storage – From SSDs and hard drives to optical disk drives like burners and Blu-ray, our storage business is powering portability for a multitude of consumer gadgets and changing the dynamics of the data center.

I hope that you’ll return to read our posts for a sneak peek into what Samsung Semiconductor has in store and to hear our point of views on the industry as well as those of our key partners. Most importantly, we want to use this as a forum to interact directly with you. Because a blog is only as good as the conversation it sparks and the value it brings to you, I invite you to share what matters to you. We’d like to keep the content fresh and dialogue interactive.

Charlie Bae
President, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.