Haksun Kim

Haksun Kim

Haksun Kim is currently Executive Vice President, Samsung Display Company.

In this role, his primary function is to oversee all work in the company’s large LCD Development Center.

Mr. Kim previously headed up extensive research and product design efforts for several years as Chief of the Samsung Display Research Center and Team Leader for the company’s leading-edge “Frontier Technology” team.

Prior to that, Mr. Kim served as a Team Leader for System Engineering at Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Dr. Kim received a Ph.D. in electronic engineering from Korea Aerospace University (Goyang, Korea) to complete his academic studies.
Early on, he also distinguished himself as Dean of the College of Information and Computer Technology for Habat National University in Daejeon, Korea.

Beyond his busy schedule at Samsung Display, Mr. Kim is a vice chairman of KIDS (Korean Information Display Society) and a board member of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

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