Memory & SSD

Memory & SSD provides frequent insight in the world of memory, flash storage and software-defined storage from the perspective of Samsung Semiconductor. Memories discussed include: DDR4, LPDDR4, UFS, GDDR5 and HBM, as well as trends, issues and data about the growing prevalence of SSDs and software-defined storage in today’s marketplace.

Memory Innovation Vital to Big Data’s Exponential Growth

The shift from static data processing to real-time analytics is a transformation of enormous implications. We are at the onset of a remarkable time in the marriage of business and technology where…

The Most Important Advancements in Flash Storage in 2016

Storage has become one of the most critical considerations for manufacturers of digital devices and the infrastructure that supports them, as most consumers, and virtually all businesses, are keeping their video, images…

Building the Future Today – Memory behind the Scenes

You may not know it yet, but many of the digital innovations we’re enjoying today are enabled by flash memory. Businesses need to collect, store and analyze vast amounts of data very…

Enabling a More Robust Digital Age

The world is changing faster than most of us realize, and within this state of flux, Samsung Semiconductor has become a purveyor of some of the best electronic components in the world….

Plan to Join Us at Flash Memory Summit

Late summer is the time of year when many of us take much-needed vacations or immerse ourselves in excessive amounts of work with the year in full swing. But there’s another happening…

Universal Flash Storage – Advancing the World of Mobility

When we announced the world’s first removable UFS card earlier this month, it was praised by press, customers and industry analysts alike – and for good reason! Faster mobile devices are everywhere….