Curved Displays Continue to Rise in Popularity

TV buyers say that they want their viewing experience to be special, so they continue to embrace new television technology, with growing interest in curved displays. In fact, curved displays represent one of the key trends in the global TV marketplace today.

According to IHS research, the revenue share for curved LCD TV globally was 3.9 % in 2014, and is forecasted to reach 8.8% this year, more than doubling the number of curved displays on TVs in just two years.

The Benefits

There is good reason for this. Curved LCD TV designs provide consumers with a deeper level of immersion for greater realism. Research also shows that consumers prefer the elegant look of a curved TV.  Further, curved displays, compared to conventional flat displays, minimize image distortion and deliver uniform picture quality– even at the edges of the screen. The immersive theater-like experience is more noticeable in panoramic scenes compared to flat panel displays, due to lower reflectance at the edges on both sides.

Since Samsung mass-produced the world’s first curved LCD TV panel a few years ago, we have been hard at work continually improving our curved designs for a TV portfolio that now ranges from 40-inch to 105-inch screens, all with significantly enhanced side viewing. And we are now mass marketing curved LCD TV displays with the highest degree of curvature for LCD displays – a 3000R radius (the measure of the degree of curvature)and featuring Vertical Alignment technology, which enables panels to provide deeper black color, and a higher contrast ratio than other popular display technologies like Twisted Nematic and, In-Plane Switching

Curved Monitors Too

Samsung Display is commercializing a wider range of curved display products. We are seeing widespread interest in curved PC monitors thanks to their attractiveness for information retrieval and multitasking. When multiple curved monitors are used, the immersive experience is even more noticeable, especially when playing video games or enjoying other entertainment activities.

In September, 2014, Samsung Display began mass producing the world’s first 27-inch curved panel for PC monitors, which has a radius of 4,000R.

CES Attention-grabber

During the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, our curved LCD monitor drew a lot of attention. Featuring a 27-inch curved Samsung LCD display, the monitor has a contrast ratio of 3,000:1, so it can provide a higher degree of picture quality than most conventional flat panel monitors.

The monitor also offers the world’s most pronounced radius (1,800R). This highly curved display dramatically enhances the look of all six monitor models in a line-up ranging from 21.5-inch to 34-inch in diameter.

Excellence in multiple markets

Curved displays are catching on not only in TV and monitor markets, but for small-and medium-sized devices like smartphones and wearable devices, as well.

Expect further innovation as we continue to push the envelope of curved display excellence. Meanwhile, let us know what you most like about curved displays – whether viewing TVs, monitors or mobile devices.

Curved Monitor

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