Is 3D TV Here to Stay?

The phenomenon that is 3D TV has continued to spark debate  within today’s TV market. Believe it or not, 3D TV sales are growing at a healthy rate as an increasing percentage of today’s HD TV sets are coming out with full 3D capabilities, or a 3D ready mode allowing consumers to experience the technology for themselves. So what then is the major obstacle for 3D TV manufacturers in 2012?

Although some consumers are reluctant to wear 3D glasses, I believe that 3D content has the potential to perform at an impressive pace. With a healthy stream of 3D movies coming from the silver screen, cable and satellite, TV providers have begun to make the transition to 3D programming.

In fact, some 6.6 million 3D LCD TVs were even shipped during the third quarter of 2011.  That’s a 27 percent increase in second-quarter shipments with an anticipated growth of 30 percent next quarter!  

With 3D TVs becoming more reasonably priced and many packaged in SMART TV systems, more and more consumers are being given the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking experience of watching high resolution 3D content. Avatar aficionados will be the first to agree. As would the viewers of the second Sherlock Holmes movie or the final Harry Potter film and fans of the upcoming Star Wars 3D reissues!

So yes, 3D is here to stay— at an affordable cost to consumers. By bundling 3D glasses with 3D sets, more families have the opportunity to view 3D programming at little or no additional cost.

Just as it takes time to get accustomed to 3D glasses, we must be patient with the arrival of more good 3D content.  What are your thoughts on the growth of 3D TV?