PenTile: A Brighter Future for Professional Applications

We’re confident that our recently demonstrated PenTile RGBW tablet display prototype (SID Display Week 2011) will make great inroads in the tablet sector,  changing the LCD viewing experience for consumers, while improving applications that I’m going to tell you about.

So, let’s consider these two questions: “What is the PenTile RGBW tablet display and how is it better than the LCD panels to which I’ve already been exposed?” Check out my previous post and these articles from Gizmodo, PC World, and ChipChick that explain our PenTile display prototype and some of its cool features.

The PenTile tablet display offers a crisp resolution that will bring some interesting benefits to the professional world, and it could come to market as early as sometime next year.   The possibilities are tremendous.

For example, doctors and nurses could use the display for medical imaging which will assist them in accurately diagnosing patients. PenTile technology integrated in a tablet will also create a great deal of mobility for doctors in emergency rooms and operating areas – a scenario that will better the overall surgical experience.


The PenTile display will also open up a whole new world for autosteroscopic imaging. Our tablet prototype’s 600 nits allows for images to pop off the screen like they never have before. This also means better 3D movies for consumers along with a host of other 3D applications.

Our Pentile displays will allow architects to work with a new level of preciseness on CAD drawings from remote locations. No more staying at the office late to finish up that blueprint! With the PenTile display, architects will achieve the same accuracy that they would from an office computer.

Check out a few of the interesting uses for our PenTile display:

  • Photo browser with detailed thumbnail
  • High resolution maps
  • HDTV plus box scores, stats on one screen
  • CAD drawing
  • Medical imaging
  • Autosteroscopic images
  •  Magazine quality fonts and photos

Doctors, architects, pilots, artists and consumers will all benefit from the crisp technology found within the PenTile RGBW tablet display. Its high resolution will allow for the mobilization of previously immobile documents, and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

For more on Samsung’s PenTile RGBW tablet display visit: “A Closer Look at Samsung’s PenTile Tablet Display.” Also, Check out Joel Pollack’s (EVP at Nuovoyance) blog and twitter page.

Can you think of any other applications or professions that will benefit from Samsung’s PenTile display? Please share your thoughts with us below.