Pioneering the New Mobile World of Bended, Curved and Flexible Displays

There seems to be no end to innovation in the world of smartphones, and with the recent introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, a new age in curvature in displays has taken hold.  This state-of-the-art device features our unique Curved Edge Display that is stunning in its capabilities, as well as its curved appearance.

After more than three years of development and a highly successful market entry, Samsung Display sees a great future for curved and bended displays in mobile devices.

The Curved Edge Display, just honored by the Consumer Electronics Show, is all about flexibility, not only in its shape but in what it allows smartphone users to do. The device’s unique curved second screen provides quick access to frequently used apps, alerts and functionality readings – all with a thumb swipe, even when the cover is closed on the main screen. The design that we developed is actually two separately operable screens in one handset.  You can receive notifications directly on the edge screen while watching videos, viewing pictures or conducting research on the main screen.  How is that for convenience?  And, unsurprisingly, monitoring with just the edge screen on significantly reduces display power.

The 5.6 inch diagonal display features a 2560×1600 OLED panel with 540 ppi that we have configured as two revolving UI screens, with 2560×1440 sizing up the main screen and then 2560×160 pixels for the edge screen.

The high contrast (WQHD) active matrix OLED technology makes the content on the Curved Edge Display remarkably clear.  In addition, we have used thin film encapsulation, stacking the display panel with organic and inorganic layers, to allow it to be bended, virtually unbreakable and extremely thin.  What’s more, the use of Polyimide makes the display slimmer and lighter than most, and able to withstand higher impact.

Samsung Display is proud of this historic change in the way that smartphone can be viewed. These displays are not only taking portable digital technology in a new direction, but also making a bold statement in the use of OLED technology in mobile and even commercial design. Whether the segment is premium smartphones, wearables, automotive panels, or health devices, watch as Samsung Display continues to expand the attractive world of curved design.