28nm RF and the Internet of Things

Posted on 07/16/2014 by

Samsung Foundry

If ever there was a match between a process node and a thriving application area, it would be 28nm and, what’s known as the Internet of Things (IoT).  Industry watchers are starting to see a decline in smartphone growth, opening up a window of opportunity for this next big growth area.  The idea of a truly connected world has been discussed for years.  Access to information and services anytime, anywhere is not a new concept.  Only now we are to the point of making this idea a reality.

Where do we start?  At the process level, of course.  28nm’s power-efficiency, coupled with high-performance attributes at an optimal cost point, makes it an ideal candidate for all sorts of IoT devices, including wearables, home heating/cooling systems, automotive infotainment, and connected home appliances.  With already more than a million wafers shipped, 28nm node is well into maturity phase and is broadly enabled with EDA, Library and IP solutions.  Additional extensions are now being rolled out starting with 28LPP RF and 28FDSOI.

Samsung Foundry’s own JW Hwang presented on this topic in our booth at the 51st Annual Design Automation Conference.  Check out the full presentation here (click image):


28nm RF and the Internet of Things

Are you looking to start an IoT design?  If so, we’d like to hear your thoughts.





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