“A Decade of Innovation, a World of Solutions”: Common Platform Technology Forum 2012

With more than 1,200 attendees, this year’s Common Platform Technology Forum was by far one of the most impressive forums Samsung, IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES has hosted. It was a great opportunity to discuss the future of semiconductor technology and innovation with my peers, who all brought unique perspectives to the conversation.

Our guest speaker, ARM Executive Vice President Simon Segars gave us a look at the huge market opportunities that lay ahead with concepts such as “the internet of things” and the many applications that process and design technology advances will make possible in the not so distant future. 

Throughout the day, our technologists, customers and partners were sharing ideas and gaining insight into how we are collaborating to overcome the challenges ahead of us as we prepare for the transition from planar CMOS transistors, the workhorse of our industry for many generations, to FinFET 3D transistors that will fuel the next wave of technology innovation as the foundation for lower power consumption with increasing integration capability and performance.

The forum presentations showcased how innovation at 14nm and beyond will continue to drive semiconductor power, performance, area metrics with novel approaches and tightly coupled process, EDA and IP solutions within the Open Ecosystem of the Common Platform.

Samsung is working closely with our process development partners in ISDA, our design tools and methodology partners and IP partners to deliver 14nm FinFET ready design kits and solutions for our customers.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations and appreciate the great insight that was presented throughout the day.