Consumer-Driven Innovation in Next-Generation SoC Designs

When I take a step back and examine technology trends in consumer electronics, it seems clear that the future direction of system-on-chip design points to the growing importance of IP and software. 

Today, we’re seeing a significant increase in multi-core designs, which has a direct impact on software development costs. For IP, early engagements between foundries and IP providers to optimize solutions pave the way for broader implementation.

My colleague, Dr. KH Kim, executive vice president of Samsung Foundry, plans to discuss this during his keynote presentation at this year’s Synopsys SNUG San Jose event on Wednesday, March 30. Kicking off a full day of technical sessions dedicated to IP, Dr. Kim’s will look at consumer-driven innovation in next-generation SoC designs.

I was able to get a preview of Dr. Kim’s keynote, and I thought it was so compelling that I wanted to share it with you. Check out the Q&A I’ve posted below, and let me know if you have any additional questions for Dr. Kim in the comments section.


Q: What do consumers want today from their technology?

Dr. Kim: Consumers have long sought technology to be connected everywhere at all times. Those with smartphones are nearly there. Consumers’ demand for more features and functions continues to challenge even the cleverest designers. 

Q: What does this mean for the system-on-chip market?

Dr. Kim: That need for continuous connectivity and empowering apps in next-generation devices such as smartphones and tablets is fueling a very hot system-on-chip (SoC) market.  With more functionality converged into a single device, it’s becoming extremely challenging for SoC designs to keep up with exploding bandwidth, advanced integrated functionality and low-power constraints.

Semiconductor SoC companies need advanced foundry services that provide rich IP portfolios with proven low-power manufacturing technologies.  With the amount of IP needed for complex SoC chip design steadily escalating, selection of the right foundry and corresponding quality IP is paramount for fast time-to-market. 

Q: And lastly, what can we expect from your upcoming presentation?

Dr. Kim: This presentation will explore SoC market mega trends, design innovations, and the growing importance of IP in consumer electronics.