Customer Collaboration – The Key to a Successful 14nm FinFET Chip Design

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Samsung Foundry

Samsung Foundry is a hot topic with chip designers these days. Chalk it up to our leading-edge 14nm FinFET technology solution.  High-volume, deep sub-micron manufacturing is in our DNA, enabling Samsung Foundry to produce the highest performance, most power efficient chips that satisfy our customers’ demanding product specifications.

Some wonder about the challenges of designing chips using 14nm FinFET technology such as power efficiency, dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, performance improvements and die size reduction.

Through a collaborative approach, we work closely and innovate with our customers, to deliver an industry-leading 14nm FinFET solution, which has an area scaling differentiation of up to 15% smaller than other competing solutions. Samsung’s 14nm FinFET solution is further supported by an optimized and comprehensive design ecosystem which eases the node migration process for our customers.

We understand the needs for a successful product launch from prototyping to high-volume production stage, which is why we have hands-on teams to support our customers throughout the different phases. We collaborate with our customers and believe in long term partnership.

Be sure to check out my video to learn more about the benefits of 14nm FinFET and how Samsung helps customers through node migration processes.

What do you see as the largest benefit to 14nm FinFET? Let me know in the comments section.

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