Not All FinFETS are Created Equal

Over the past year, our 14nm FinFET process technology has gained a lot of buzz and for good reason. This platform is the only FinFET technology in the foundry industry that enables true area scaling and has become the leading choice for high-volume mobile and IT infrastructure system-on-chip (SoC) designs. This allows us to manufacture the highest performing, most energy efficient chips required for tomorrow’s computing needs. Now, thanks to a strategic collaboration with GLOBALFOUNDRIES, 14nm FinFET production capabilities will soon reach worldwide scale.

For the first time, production with the most advanced 14nm FinFET technology will be available at multiple locations in the U.S. and Korea to meet the growing supply demands of our customers. As a result of this strategic collaboration, true design compatibility will reside in Korea, Texas and New York.

The advantages to the 14nm FinFET platform is a result of utilizing 3D FinFET transistors to enable a 35% savings in power consumption compared to 20nm planar technology without sacrificing performance. It also can be tuned for high-performance wired applications for a 20% boost in output at constant power.

By expanding our production footprint, we are able to address the growing demands of our connected society and pioneer the next generation of mobile and IT infrastructure devices. At the same time, the world’s leading fabless semiconductor companies will have more choice and flexibility than ever before.

I invite you to watch the below video as Shawn Han, vice president of Samsung Foundry marketing and Ana Hunter, vice president of product management at GLOBALFOUNDRIES discuss this paradigm shift to the foundry landscape.

How will today’s technological industry advancements impact the evolution of the growing SoC device market?

Let me know.