A Call to Action: Greening of our Data Centers

If you were asked to list the industries contributing the most CO2 emissions, what would your top five list look like? Did you include Information Technology on that list? Believe it or not, servers, primarily used in IT data centers, currently comprise the fourth largest industry contributing to CO2 emissions, right behind the airline industry!

To address this growing issue, I’ll have the opportunity to speak at Samsung’s first annual CIO Forum next month alongside several industry insiders, such as Bill Weihl, Google’s Green Energy Czar and Steve Westly, Managing Partner of The Westly Group. We’ll be discussing how the tech industry can save green by going green.  

Today’s 32 million data centers have attracted the world’s attention due to their high energy consumption levels. At the CIO Forum, we’ll be discussing strategies and policies for making the world’s data centers more environmentally friendly.

I’m also excited to discuss several green data storage initiatives, which have emerged as a result of Samsung’s partnership with Dell. Through our collaborations, we have found that by pairing green DDR3 and SSD memory drives into servers, OEMs are consuming 58 percent less power, and reducing carbon emissions by 200 percent! More importantly, if all servers in the world were to use this combination of green memory, we have the potential to save 95 trillion watts per year and 68 million tons of CO2!

To learn more about Samsung’s green memory initiatives in IT technology, feel free to take a look at a video from Samsung’s Jae Soo Han, President of Samsung Semiconductor Europe, at our CIO Forum in Munich, Germany, which took place earlier this year. You can also learn additional information about Samsung’s green SSD, and green DDR3 30nm class at Samsung’s Green Microsite.

 Can you think of any other ways to reduce CO2 emissions in data centers? Please share your thoughts below.