A Solid Review

There’s been a lot of talk about solid state drives (SSDs) after the Storage Networking Industry Association announced a new spec for the technology. Samsung played a role in developing the standard and we think that it will help to drive adoption. That’s one reason why we were thrilled to see that Edward Correia of CRN just posted a review of our 470 Series SSD drive.  Some of the cool features that he mentions include:

  • Lightning-fast speed: With performance of up to 250MB/sec sequential read speed and 220MB/sec sequential write speed, PCs can boot up in as little as 15 seconds
  • Outstanding efficiency: The drive uses two-thirds less power than a typical hard drive, adding an average of 30 minutes to a laptop’s battery life
  • Sturdy and sleek design: With its brushed metal hard shell case, the 470 Series SSDs protect against shock, dust and corrosion. And weighing only 2.4 oz, these drives make laptops lighter to carry.

But don’t take it from us. Correia ends his review by saying, “Add one to the list of things Samsung does well; its monitors, laptops and mobile devices all have found favor in the CRN Test Center. Its SSD drives are economical and perform well, and Samsung’s partner program forms a product trifecta for the reseller. When rugged, low-cost, high performance solid state storage is required, the CRN Test Center recommends the 470 Series from Samsung.”

Are you thinking about upgrading to an SSD? Let us know in the comments.