Caching that Removes Storage Bottlenecks in Servers

Storage bottlenecks have always been an Achilles’ heel for servers. Lacking an efficient way to eradicate these roadblocks, data center operators, especially those who use virtualized servers, have been handicapped by tediously slow back-end storage, and rotating media that significantly impedes response times.

Host-based caching software, of which Samsung is a leading provider, alleviates the bottlenecks with significant storage performance enhancements.

Widespread workload support

Host-based caching software can be used to accelerate a variety of workloads and databases. It can significantly improve Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), real-time big data analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence applications, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), public and private cloud environments, and general virtualized workloads.

Our customers have been asking for caching software that delivers significant performance enhancements in most virtualized D.C. applications, because their customers have been asking for a better way to improve storage performance. Clearly host-based caching software accelerates application performance and improves overall system storage efficiency.


I’m delighted to say that our caching software – AutoCache 3.0 – is one of the most comprehensive host-based caching solutions on the market today. AutoCache supports read, write-around and write-back caching – the three most desired caching solutions in virtually any data center environment.  With write-back caching, where data is first written to SSDs and later copied to hard drives, servers can handle bursts of high write requests at SSD speeds instead of disk speeds.

Host-based caching improves I/O performance in almost any virtual machine by removing the I/O logger jam associated with multiple VMs accessing the same storage resources.  The software also vertically integrates data movement from your server’s storage device to the host in a way that is essentially transparent to pre-existing deployments, enabling smoother system interaction in a virtual or physical configuration.

Role Based Administration

An especially useful feature of leading host-based caching solutions for medium- to large-sized companies is allowing IT administrators to set up varying degrees of automated caching rights on a per-user basis, through an easy-to-use interface.  This capability, which is built into AutoCache, enables users to control the caching for their individual VMs.

The Samsung AutoCache complete caching solution is already being offered by HPE to its customers for use with the latest HPE Gen 9 servers.

The time is ripe to consider advanced host-based caching software for your server systems. The bottom line is that high quality host-based caching will increasingly be considered a welcome storage cost reducer that can have a very significant impact on overall infrastructure costs over time.

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