Digital Imagery in an Increasingly ‘Picture Perfect’ World

Today, discrete graphics memory for PCs, workstations, and gaming consoles is more popular than ever, as gamers and professional designers alike want the best graphics that money can buy. Long-time workhorse – GDDR5 memory – has continued to show amazing resiliency in providing just that — imagery that is not only clearer, but more life-like and vibrant, too.

As many know, speed is a very important factor for today’s gamers and designers.  Visual applications, found in the hottest workstations, PCs and consoles, require higher speeds to show more vivid and realistic displays for gaming, simulation and computing, including 3D. 

Our GDDR5, designed for the gaming market, provides higher memory bandwidth resulting in stellar graphics and can run up to 7Gbps. This performance rate allows for 3.5 times more bandwidth than the previous graphics memory series – GDDR3(Take a look at the growth of our graphics memory series below).

Power efficiency is also an important factor in the world of gaming. Our 30nm-class GDDR5 provides more than 20 percent power savings over 40nm class GDDR5. It also contributes to a significantly longer battery life for notebook PCs.

Although integrated graphic processors are constantly advancing, the performance gap between discrete graphics solutions and widely used integrated alternatives has grown. I strongly believe that the GDDR5 market, which our data shows has increased 40% annually over the last five years, will continue to be a major driving force for our memory business in striving to provide the most realistic user experience.

What are your thoughts on the use of graphics in gaming and high end business applications? What role do you see GDDR5 and memory playing in the future marketplace?