eMMC: Speed Demon for the Mobile Market

High-end mobile device designers are getting a treat this month. We have begun producing the highest performing embedded memory on the market for smartphones and tablets in 16GB to 64GB densities, allowing for blazing-fast speeds and enhanced storage capabilities.

The Samsung Pro Class 1500 eMMC offers the fastest speeds for an embedded memory chip, reading data sequentially at up to 140 MB/s and writing it at up to 50 MB/s. For random reading and writing, our latest eMMC technology can process at four times the speed of previous eMMC solutions.

How significant is this? For starters, today’s efficiency-hungry consumer will see noticeable improvements in web browsing, 3D and HD video capture and playback, multitasking, and processor-intensive gaming on their mobile devices. With more and more gamers relying on mobile devices for their augmented reality and graphics-rich interactive gaming, the latest class of eMMC will offer significant improvements in overall performance.

Embedded memory has been a stalwart of the mobile device business for several years.  It’s an unseen hero that allows tablet and smartphone OEMs to deliver improved application performance, large file saving and smooth device functioning.

Not only do these new memory devices set the stage for a smoother, more exhilarating user experience, but they do so while preserving battery life. Embedded memory has helped to quicken the pace toward today’s ‘always on, always connected’ mobile environments, using only as much energy as previous eMMC solutions. This low-power design represents a “win-win” scenario for premium tablets and smartphones. 

If you’re a mobile OEM designer, we hope you won’t waste any time in checking it out.  You won’t be disappointed.