“Finding, Protecting and Using Content” – Storage Visions Panel

The Storage Visions Conference 2011 in Las Vegas, last week, offered a number of insightful presentations that addressed the latest in digital storage technologies and outlined opportunities for future innovation in hard disk drives, solid state drives and flash memory.

One panel that received a lot of buzz was “Finding, Protecting and Using Content,” which explored privacy protection in digital content indexing and searching. As part of that session, Samsung Storage Security Strategist, Michael Willett, provided an interesting presentation on self-encrypting Solid-State Drives (SSDs).

Michael outlined the advantages of combining SSD and SED technology to provide a more cost-effective and secure combination. As users seek higher reliability and performance of their storage as well as increased security of their stored data, the storage industry is moving forward with new solutions. According to Michael, future developments are likely to include the availability of standardized encryption everywhere, unified key  management, simplified key management, wider transparency, and automatic performance scaling.

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