Get Ready to See Samsung Memory Highlights at JEDEC Mobile Forum 2014

Samsung has an important keynote presentation slated for this year’s JEDEC Mobile Forum in the U.S., which will focus on the latest developments and standards for mobile memory and storage.  The conference will pair yours truly with Bob Brennan, senior vice president of the Memory Solutions Lab at Samsung Semiconductor.  Our focus will be to examine why major improvements in mobile DRAM and NAND-based storage are driving much greater efficiency in the newest generations of a wide variety of mobile devices.  Even for larger portable devices such as high-end notebooks and most ultra-books, we are seeing greater acceptance of ultra-fast, flash-memory-based, solid state storage (SSDs).   We also will review all of the key technical considerations, as well as standardized performance levels, latency, endurance and power loss across multiple mobile markets, including smartphones and tablets.

But that’s not all.  Samsung will have three more presentations at the Forum, one by Sung Lee, senior manager, memory technical marketing, Samsung Electronics, who will talk about what’s going on with mobile benchmarks and what can be expected in the future. He will outline the most popular benchmarks in use today, and discuss future directions in mobile benchmarking.

In addition, Hank Lai, Samsung’s senior product planning manager, NAND Flash products, and Stephen Lum, product marketing manager, mobile memory – both from Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., will discuss how the latest NAND-based storage (eMMC 5.0 and Universal Flash Storage) is providing much faster responsiveness, greater scalability and lower power consumption in accommodating the increase in functionality for smartphones and tablets.

The Forum will be held September 22 and 23 at the Santa Clara (CA) Marriott. For details, check:

So if you want to know what the memory leader is thinking on multiple mobile fronts, do plan to attend the only JEDEC Mobile Forum in the United States this year.   It will be well worth the time.