Greater Memory Efficiency and Capacity for Today’s Servers

Increasingly popular applications today, such as virtualization, continue to drive demand for greater server memory bandwidth. As a strong advocate of Green Memory, I’m constantly looking for ways to use memory to decrease server footprints while maintaining the high performance and efficiency of today’s data centers. 

Whether it’s speed or capacity, green memory (like Green DDR3) has been playing a crucial role in meeting the demands of industry servers. Now, consumers and manufacturers may be wondering what to expect next in the way of IT memory efficiency.

That’s why I’m happy to say that we’re now producing a 32 GB LRDIMM memory module which will contribute to IT memory efficiency by increasing the capacity and performance of today’s servers. Designed specifically for high capacity servers and high-performance computing platforms, our LRDIMM (Load Reduced Dual Inline Memory Module) uses the latest JEDEC-standard DDR3 DRAM technologyto enable 50 percent more virtual machines compared to standard RDIMMs and increases performance by 10% in Online Transaction Processing (OLTP).

Even more impressive is the LRDIMM’s ability to enable higher memory capacity without sacrificing speed.  By enabling higher capacities of DRAM per server DIMM, the LDRIMM provides up to 768GB on a 2-socket server (96GB per channel) with up to 3 DIMMs per channel!

I firmly believe the LRDIMM’s high performance will not only provide substantial power for today’s high-density data centers, but will assist in cutting cooling and space costs as well– a further advancement of Samsung’s Green initiative to achieve higher capacity per server footprint and greater performance per watt.

The LRDIMM offers significant advantages to the end users of high-capacity servers in HPC, financial systems markets and highly virtualized environments. What other ways will data centers benefit from memory advancements such as LRDIMMs?