Green Tech and Venture Capitalist Steve Westly

For those of you in Silicon Valley, did you have a chance to see Steve Westly’s recent appearance on NBC’s Press:Here? In addition to the show’s host, Scott McGrew (who I met during my appearance on Press:Here a couple of months ago), Mr. Westly was interviewed by Jon Swartz from USA Today and Mike Krey of Investor’s Business Daily in a riveting session. Despite some tough questions, I was impressed with Mr. Westly’s composure, especially when discussing controversial matters in the green tech industry. One topic that I was very pleased to hear discussed was energy efficiency in the data center.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are 32 million servers running in data centers around the world – and it takes a lot of energy to power them. During his discussion I was elated to hear Mr. Westly mention Samsung’s green chip technology, which can reduce the amount of energy needed to power these servers (and reduce CO2 emissions immensely).

Reducing carbon emissions while lowering costs is a huge priority for Samsung. In fact, we just recently announced that we’ve begun operations at a new green memory fabrication facility, which will provide the industry’s largest production capacity. And, we’re already the largest producer of green memory and solid state drives in the world. We’re doing everything we can to enable smart phone, tablet, server and PC manufacturers to make products that consume as little energy as possible.

Learn more about the green tech industry by taking the time to check out Mr. Westly’s segment on Press:Here below: