Plan to Join Us at Flash Memory Summit

Late summer is the time of year when many of us take much-needed vacations or immerse ourselves in excessive amounts of work with the year in full swing. But there’s another happening this August 9-11 that for many in our business should be considered “not-to-be-missed.” That’s the Flash Memory Summit, where much of the memory industry comes together to discuss the latest hardware and software innovations swirling around NAND flash.

At this year’s event, we have a keynote session at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 10 entitled “3D NAND is the Leadership Technology for Server Storage,” that is being presented by Jaeheon Jeong, Executive Vice President, Solution Product R&D, Samsung Memory Business and Ryan Smith, Director of NAND Flash Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.  Samsung will actually be well represented throughout the show with a talented group of company experts participating in 14 breakout presentations.  In addition we will support 10 technical demos showcasing key memory advances that are expanding the consumer, data center and enterprise marketplaces.

Current demand for NAND flash is being driven by a strong appetite for faster, more powerful computing devices that are fueling cloud based services and applications.  Since the inception of NAND flash three decades ago, the technology has reshaped multiple industries with mobile being perhaps the primary industry segment. However, with new computing needs surfacing from both the consumer market and the enterprise market, the industry needed a technology that could break through the scaling limitations of planar NAND.

Our breakthrough announcement in 2013 introduced the world to Samsung’s 3D Vertical NAND (V-NAND) flash memory featuring a proprietary vertical interconnect process capable of stacking as many as 24 cell layers. Since then, we have met the challenge of delivering a solution that can easily scale to meet current and future demands. In recent years, subsequent updates to our V-NAND technology have extended the stack to 32-layers in 2014 and 48-layers in 2015.

We have transformed what is possible with NAND flash.  According to Jim Elliott, our Corporate Vice President for Memory Marketing, these memory chips continue to meet the needs of a digital world fixated by the constant push to make data more accessible, relevant and usable—whether it’s pulling up an old photo on Facebook or analyzing information from a business-critical application.  Ultimately, we are marching towards a future built on smart data, but we first need to understand how to more efficiently package and share data today as it becomes the world’s new currency. So take a break from summer work demands or vacation excess and join your NAND Flash peers in Santa Clara the week of August 9.  Let’s focus not only on technology breakthroughs, but also on what the technology will enable in further transforming our digitized world.