Highlights from our CIO Forum!

Recently I told you about the CIO Forum that we just co-hosted with Dell – as a venue for discussing the challenges that CIOs face in improving the efficiency of data centers, particularly with regard to energy efficiency. Here’s a quick rundown of the Aug. 18 event that attracted more than 175 attendees, representing 128 companies.

After a welcome address from our CEO Charlie Bae, my presentation over lunch covered disruptive green memory technologies (Green DDR3 and SSDs pioneered by Samsung) and the need for a holistic approach to power-savings in the data center. But let me fill you in on the great line-up of speakers:

Last, but certainly not least, we heard from Steve Westly, the former State Controller and Chief Financial Officer of California and currently Managing Partner of The Westly Group. His keynote, “The Clean Tech Revolution: What it Means for Governments,  the World’s Largest Companies and You” provided a great deal of insight into the threats being posed to our environment and who is taking the lead in the burgeoning Clean Tech revolution.

Steve shared his views on alternative energy and clean tech industries, the role of entrepreneurship and risk-taking in innovation, and the sweet spot for green IT.  Attendees were energized by his remarks on how California is leading the way with tougher pollution standards for vehicles and through its nurturing of clean tech start-ups. I like how Steve challenged CIOs and other attendees to take what they learned at our CIO Forum and apply it to their ongoing efforts to reduce energy consumption.  For more on Steve’s keynote presentation, you might want to check out a podcast interview of Steve by  Robert Scoble.


Would love to hear your reactions to the event and additional insights on challenges that CIOs have to tackle!