Introducing the Memory Channel

As a strong supporter and ardent presenter on the topic of social media and direct communications, I am thrilled at the opportunity to start this blog.  With the launch of the new Memory and SSD section, Chips and Bits, our intention is to open a new line of communication to better serve you, our customer.  It’s another way we’re getting immersed in social networking media – which actually has a substantive impact on the memory business.

 This will be my way of letting you better understand our purview on Memory industry trends and projections a little more clearly – direct from the company at the forefront of the Memory industry.

 But I’m really seeking to accomplish a little more than that – namely to openly discuss key memory business trends, issues, concerns and our activities with other key industry leaders. I am hoping you will support this channel for memory-related topics and share ideas that you wish to discuss.  There’s a lot of ground to cover.

I intend to provide regular updates to the memory blog section, and encourage you to check back regularly. In the meantime, check out some of our latest memory developments: