JEDEC 2012: A Closer Look at the Mobile Marketplace

Two of our resident experts on the mobile marketplace – Steve Weinger and Mueez Deen – are going to jointly deliver one of three keynote presentations at the JEDEC Mobile Forum being held Thursday, May 10 at the Santa Clara (CA) Marriott.  Their presentation will look at solid state drives and Green DDR3 in IT infrastructure and mobile environments, in addition to new mobile solutions including LPDDR3.  We all know of the increasing demand for high-performance memory and memory-based devices designed for “always-on,” “always connected” environments.  Steve and Mueez will speak to how these devices need to provide faster and faster responsiveness, while consuming less power and taking up less space. 

My team will look at the need for data centers to lower cooling costs, reduce power consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions, in addition to improving performance.  For mobile applications, the emphasis will be on performance, battery efficiency and sleek form factors.

We are very glad to see JEDEC provide a meaningful platform for exploring how the industry is addressing these concerns.  JEDEC (, for those of you who don’t know, is the leading developer of standards for the microelectronics industry.  Nearly 300 companies work together in 50 JEDEC committees to meet the needs of every segment of the industry.  The publications and standards that they generate are accepted throughout the world. 

The JEDEC Mobile conference has been designed to spotlight how technological advancements and new standards will power applications and impact devices such as smartphones, ultra-thin notebooks and tablets. 

In addition to the joint keynote by Messrs. Deen and Weinger, Samsung will have two other presentations at the event, Hangu Sohn, our technical product planning director for NAND and Mobile DRAM memory, will provide an overview of  JEDEC’s Universal Flash Storage standard for embedded mass storage and removable mobile device cards,, and J Y Jung, Senior Engineer on the Samsung Memory Product Planning Team, will discuss optimal mobile memory solutions for ultra-thin notebooks 

For more information about the Forum and to register, visit the official JEDEC website :  You can also direct any general questions to Angie Steigleman at .   It’s a conference that anyone interested in the growth of the mobile market sector can’t afford to miss. We hope to see you there!