Managing the Evolution of Flash from Storage Visions

Hi all! I certainly enjoyed the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, but that wasn’t the only game in town. Each year, a sister show to CES that consistently seems to have its finger on the pulse of storage is Storage Visions 2011, which celebrated its 10th anniversary with the theme “New Dimensions Drive Digital Storage.” The theme recognized the role that content will increasingly play in driving demand for CE devices that better support the creation, distribution, use and storage of growing amounts of content.

My colleague, Samsung Semiconductor’s Technical Marketing Director, Tony Kim, participated in a panel entitled, “Field of Dreams: More Stuff in CE Devices,” where panelists discussed the latest in digital storage technology. Tony’s presentation, “Managing the Evolution of Flash; Beyond Memory to Storage”  provides some great insights into NAND Flash technology and its application as a digital storage solution, especially for mobile devices.

 If you are interested in seeing the presentation, submit your request in the comment box below to request a copy. Tony’s presentation focuses on the near-term storage evolution we are beginning to see toward higher performing Flash memory solutions. I highly recommend it.