New Cost-efficient “Power” Storage for Workstations – the HP Way

As data streams proliferate, workstations are being challenged to store and quickly process a profusion of information. One of the leaders in workstations, HP, has just introduced its latest storage solution – the Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro solid state drive (SSD) that it reports to be 16 times faster than a standard SATA SSD, while being price competitive. HP acknowledged at the launch of the Quad Pro that it had partnered with the SSD experts at Samsung Semiconductor in developing this innovative, highly advanced workstation storage solution.

The Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro interconnects up to four Samsung M.2 NVMe SSD modules in a single PCIe Gen3 x16 slot, providing up to 2TBs of storage for the HP Z440, Z640, Z840 workstations. The low latency NVMe technology allows for the processing of large data sets at the blink of an eye.  It can read stored data at sequential speeds of up to 9GB/s. – approximately 16 times faster than prevailing SATA SSDs. This allows the drive to read 500GB of data, the equivalent of 100 5GB HD movies, in only two minutes. The new PCIe Gen 3 version also demonstrates substantially higher energy efficiency, using only about 450MB/s per watt for sequential reads.  Furthermore, its M.2 form factor helps with board efficiency by not exceeding 3.75 millimeter in thickness and weighing only one tenth that of a 2.5” SSD.

The new HP Z Turbo Quad Pro is a stellar storage solution for workstation users that underscores just how well Samsung SSD solutions are meeting the needs of its most prominent allies like HP. Our NVMe PCIe technology inside the Quad Pro is second to none in performance for workstations and even ultra-thin laptops. This new offering affirms our commitment to staying at the leading edge of SSD solutions and to supporting the most advanced computing environments to our partners’ customers around the world. It’s the latest example of our close cooperation with HP in workstation storage, which began with the very first HP Z Turbo drive (Gen 1).

Let us know what you think of the HP Z Turbo Quad Pro. Does HP’s use of our Samsung NVMe technology here signal the beginning of the end of mass market popularity for hard drives and even SATA SSDs in the realm of professional workstations?