Paving the Way for Improved Productivity and Performance

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is being able to showcase and introduce new innovations that are truly on the cutting edge of technology. Earlier this month, Samsung Semiconductor announced mass-production of a new memory product: the 128-gigabit 3-bit multi-level cell NAND memory chip using sub-20 nanometer-class process technology.

What’s exciting about this announcement is that we are using a 10nm process to produce the chip, which was created in response to the shift from hard disk drives (HDDs) to solid state drives (SSDs) and the consequent spike in NAND flash demand.


[Image courtesy of Samsung Tomorrow]

This is also our highest-density, single-layer memory product to date, which will significantly help to improve end-user experiences in PCs, servers and mobile devices as the industry’s highest performer. Additionally, the new chip offers more than a 100 percent increase in productivity compared to our 20 nanometer-class 64-gigabit chips.

At the end of the day, what will this breakthrough mean for the industry? On the OEM side, we’ll be able to deliver faster, more reliable memory solutions for server and PC applications. For consumers, we’ll begin to see a whole new class of mobile devices that are faster, thinner and lighter than ever before.

I know I’m excited for what the future holds. How about you?