Samsung’s Investment in the Future of Flash

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Don Clark, editor at The Wall Street Journal, about Pure Storage, a Silicon Valley startup that’s making waves in the flash storage industry. Pure Storage has developed a type of flash memory that offers a ten-fold increase in speed over storage systems with moving parts, like hard drives. What’s really great is that Pure Storage’s flash memory can achieve that high performance with only one-tenth the power and space!


While much of our conversation focused on Samsung’s investment in Pure Storage, I was pleased to read Don’s comments that flash storage offers “substantial savings in energy consumption and greater reliability because it features no mechanical parts,” which he wrote in his piece “Start-Up Places Pure Bet On Flash Memory.”  As I mentioned to Don, Samsung is working hard to emphasize the energy-efficiency benefits of flash, so any viable product that helps spread that message to the enterprise is something that Samsung wants to help promote.

 On a related note, are you planning to be in Las Vegas for VMworld, August 29-31? If so, be sure to stop by the Samsung Semiconductor booth (#427) where Pure Storage will be demoing their groundbreaking technology.

 Image courtesy of Pure Storage