SAP Sapphire Now: The Big Secret (and Opportunity) Behind Big Data

Every day, we, as consumers, release an insurmountable amount of data into the cloud. Whether we’re buying tickets to our favorite show, “liking” a photo on Facebook, or purchasing a pair of jeans on the web, you can bet that our data is being analyzed and interpreted by companies to help formulate their marketing, product development and other business decisions.  This business intelligence (BI) or big data – is vital to competiveness across industries as companies transform operational data into meaningful information. But what exactly makes big data interpretable?

At this year’s Sapphire Now Event hosted by SAP, we’re discussing memory as a critical component for analyzing big data. More and more, data companies such as SAP are looking to retrieve and analyze large amounts of data with speed and flexibility, but have been limited by their ability to hold large sets of data in RAM. 

To tackle this problem, Samsung teamed up with SAP and Intel to test SAP’s appliance software, SAP HANATMon servers based on Intel’s Xeon processor E7 family and Samsung’s high-performance 32-GB DIMMs. We learned that Samsung’s 32-GB DIMMs, based on our 30nm-class process technology, provided up to 20 percent power reduction at the system level, while enabling as much as 2TB of RAM to be provisioned on a four-socket system. This means greater indexes and pre-calculated results for big data infrastructures, which lead to faster response times for companies like SAP! With these faster response times, SAP is empowered to provide its customers with the most accurate and current data results possible to help boost their clients’ business and strategies.

Collaborative studies such as this are crucial to the development of big data solutions for large infrastructures. Big data solutions like Samsung’s 32-GB DIMMs help to lower operating costs, while improving the quality of analyses. As we look to help provide high-performance, low power solutions for big data infrastructures, we’ll continue to pioneer DIMM innovation as we evolve our process technology.

 To learn more about our big data study with SAP and Intel, be sure to register for this year’s Sapphire Now Eventtaking place on May 14-16.  Hope to see you there!