Tapping Into Memory’s Future at MemCon 2012

MemCon has returned, I’m delighted to inform all of you who have not yet heard. Focused on the future of the memory industry, the one-day conference promises an insightful platform for learning about key industry trends, memory ecosystem advancements and the latest in industry technical innovation. I’m pleased to also announce that I will have the honor to serve as a keynote for the conference. During my keynote, you will hear more on the considerable advantages of Green Memory for IT managers. Due to the increased need for virtualization in the workforce and increased reliance on the cloud, IT managers are being forced to improve their infrastructure dramatically. I’ll be discussing how green memory-based solutions can help IT departments ramp up their infrastructure and improve performance.

There are NAND-based solid state storage solutions and low-power/low process node DRAM offerings that are making a distinct difference in IT’s bottom line – while improving system performance at the same time.

With a dozen speakers and breakout sessions, it seems that there will be something for everyone this year. In addition to my keynote, MemCon will feature a discussion of the latest developments from the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium, a technical working group of Samsung, Micron and other industry leaders that aims to facilitate Hybrid Memory Cube integration into the industry. Other focuses will include LPDDR3, MRAM, 3D NAND and multi-die packaging.  

Further, I hope you will check out the presentation of Jonathan Chizick of my team as he speaks to “Navigating the Post PC World.”  He will discuss how the PC industry is undergoing a period of major transition on multiple fronts, and what steps must be taken to adapt to the evolving PC environment.

I’m looking forward to exploring the future of memory with you at MemCon this year. You can register here for the conference online at no charge.