Uptime is the Right Time for You

Data center managers, planners and designers are faced with major technical and TCO challenges daily — digital infrastructure decisions that can have a lasting impact on their businesses. These decisions play a pivotal role in assuring that data center operations are as efficient as they can be.

The Uptime Institute is working with industry giants to maximize the efficiency of data centers by removing or downsizing inefficient servers. Samsung in 2013 is very much a part of those efforts. As the sole sponsor of the Uptime Institute’s Server Roundup Awards, we understand that data center funding is one of the most expensive and important investments a company makes. That’s why we’re helping to shape the agenda for the Uptime Institute’s annual symposium – an agenda stacked with real world examples of data center optimization. At the Symposium, many of the best minds in IT from more than 40 countries are gathering to discuss how the industry can drive the movement toward refreshing data centers with high performance and energy efficiency technologies. Energy efficient data centers are among the key challenges facing CIOs and CTOs today. I will discuss this in my Wednesday, May 15, morning keynote on “Green Initiatives for Transforming the IT environment.”

My keynote will address the critical role that energy-efficient components have in the data center, particularly in the areas of server memory and storage. I will discuss how green memory and solid state drives enable IT decision-makers to replace legacy and underutilized data center assets with server solutions that are high on performance and low on power consumption. During Samsung-sponsored Server Roundup panel, I will participate in what promises to be a lively discussion on the topic of server refresh. The panel will include 2013 winners– AOL and Barclays – who are already reaping the benefits of having maximized data center efficiency in their IT operations.

At the Uptime Symposium, you will hear firsthand how you can enable a win-win for your IT network and for the environment by improving cost efficiency and optimizing power consumption with the most advanced green technologies for the data center. Be sure to register to attend next week’s event (Santa Clara, CA May 13-16), and do let me know what you think afterwards.