What's in Your Tablet?

In this holiday season, unsurprisingly, tablets and eReaders have been among the most desired products this season as units have flown off the shelves. But what is enabling these devices to be so thin, sleek and efficient?

Without a doubt, advancements in memory technology are playing a large part in making these devices thinner and sleeker. Earlier this year, we announced a massive $10.2 billion production line for memory chips using new-generation 20 nanometer class process technology. This ultimately means that we can put more memory in smaller, thinner packages, so that tablets can be sleeker. For an 8Gb mobile DRAM package, the memory chips are only 0.8mm thick. Now that’s small.

In addition, due to major advancements in mobile DRAM, consumers can run and switch between multiple apps at lightning speed without draining the battery of their tablet. In fact, Samsung’s R&D labs have already developed a 4Gb LPDDR3 chip for smartphones and tablets that will enable it to transmit data at up to 12.8GB/sec. That’s double the bandwidth of the most popular mobile DRAM (400MHz LPDDR2), while maintaining the same power efficiency.   

So, when making your electronic purchases in 2012, just remember— there’s more to your tablet than that which meets the eye!