What’s Next with Mobile Memory and Storage?

Mobility certainly ranks as one of the most explosive market segments ever, thanks in large part to rapid-fire technological advancements such as those occurring with mobile components, two of the most significant being memory chips and storage devices. Now, JEDEC – the main standards body for the microelectronics industry – is hosting a special Mobile Forum (May1-2) at the Santa Clara (CA) Marriott to dissect the most prominent memory and storage advances. 

The JEDEC Mobile Forum 2013 will spotlight these accomplishments and related new standards in a range of presentations, several of which are being made by subject matter experts from Samsung Semiconductor.  Our presenters as well as those from other leaders in the industry, including Agilent Technologies, ARM, Micron, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, SK hynix, Tektronix and Toshiba, will hone in on where we’re headed over the next few years, not only for mobile memory and storage, but also for the infrastructure that supports an ever-increasing number of mobile applications.  The Forum will look at why mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets are becoming faster, sleeker and more responsive in meeting the varied needs of consumers. 

Sponsored by the Universal Flash Storage Association (UFSA), the JEDEC Forum will feature keynotes by myself, “How Memory is Propelling the Mobile Revolution”, Richard Wietfeldt from Qualcomm, and Agilent’s Perry Keller on behalf of UFSA.  In addition, Forum speakers will discuss the coalescing of memory and storage around LPDDR4, LPDDR3E, eMMCs, UFS and Wide I/O 2.

To obtain the event’s agenda or to register, visit the official JEDEC website. You can also direct general questions to Angie Steigleman at .   This is a conference that anyone interested in the growth of the mobile market sector should not miss. Hope to see you there!