Introducing…the SE-406A External Slim 3D Blu-ray Drive

Over the past year, the PC industry has been turned upside down as more tablets, netbooks and laptops have been introduced without moving parts. While the industry has shifted toward memory-based options, are consumers really ready to part ways with their optical drives?

We at Samsung have found that there is still a large consumer demand for these drives, and with more and more 3D films come to Blu-ray, people are going to want the option of watching them on the go.

With that said, Samsung Semiconductor introduced the newest member of our optical disk drive family – the SE-406A, a slim external 3D Blu-ray combo drive – at yesterday’s MOBILE-ization event,

The drive will read Blu-ray disks, and is capable of also writing CDs and DVDs. Because it is USB-powered, the SE-406A eliminates the need for an AC power adapter. More details about the device can be found here.

Check out this video from MOBILE-ization that Techpulse 360 posted of my colleague, Albert Kim, who talked about the SE-406A and Samsung Semiconductor’s disk and optical drive strategy.