Something Old, Something New

Posted on 12/13/2011 by

Maverick Choi

I just returned from an amazing trip to New York where I met with several journalists to preview the various features and benefits of our external Optical SmartHub’ SE-208BW, set to hit stores in 2012. They were impressed by the Optical SmartHub’s Wi-Fi connectivity, AllShare and application which allow users to utilize existing drive content, and wirelessly stream and play CDs and DVDs on their favorite devices.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have loads of CDs and DVDs collecting dust and cobwebs in your basement. With technology growing at an increasingly rapid pace, these discs have been replaced by MP3 players and streaming. Our SE-208BW, however, will bring these two world together so consumers can wirelessly access their favorite CDs and DVDs with their smartphones, tablets, TVs, and PCs whether their on-the-go or relaxing in the comfort of their homes.

 Take a look at the below Engadget videoto see how our latest Optical SmartHub drive actually works. What other advancements can be made to optical disc drives in 2012?

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