Image Sensors: The Third Eye That’s Capturing and Sharing Our World

In November I wrote a blog post titled What Makes a Good Smartphone Camera, which looked at the importance of the image sensor, a tiny piece of technology critical in producing high quality photos and videos with your smartphone. Our infographic highlighted some compelling stats about the recent advancements in smartphone camera technology and its explosive growth amongst users. The reality is that in today’s connected society, people want powerful cameras to share important moments in their lives with friends and family, and picture quality matters more now than ever before.

SamsungSemiconductorTV recently caught up with Marty Agan, director of engineering for Samsung’s System LSI imaging team, and asked him to enlighten us on the power of image sensor technology and the benefits to designers. In this video, he introduces us to new ISOCELL technology, an advanced pixel technology that traps light in each pixel, and explains why it’s the next “big thing” in image sensor performance, enhanced picture quality, and overall power efficiency.


Every day 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook and 1,400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. By now I’m sure you know what makes a good smartphone camera. Samsung understands the importance of image sensors and is bringing images to light in breakthrough new ways.

What do you think about ISOCELL image sensors and the evolution of smartphone camera technology? Please let us know.