[Infographic] The New World of Next Generation Mobile Apps

Smart mobile devices are taking center stage in consumers’ lives, and in the process, they are beginning to supplant PCs and feature phones.  In fact, not only are these mobile devices expected to outnumber traditional computers 2 to 1, but the number of mobile devices is forecasted to surpass the world population by the end of this year.

The rapid growth of mobile computing has led to surging growth for the applications market in the past few years, as apps are at the core of the mobile experience. From basic word processing to gaming to banking: there’s now an app for almost anything.  As mobile apps are handling computing needs traditionally reserved for PCs, there’s been an increase in demand for graphics- and data-intensive mobile apps, such as those for photo/video editing, 3D gaming and enterprise data.

Behind these trends are developers who are fastidiously working to create highly innovative and even more complex apps to meet consumer demand. Samsung’s logic business has been studying the rise in mobile computing and the growing complexity of mobile apps. To accommodate these usage shifts, we have been at the forefront of equipping developers with new tools, such as the Exynos 5 Dual-based Arndale Community Development Board, to enable more sophisticated middleware app development. Tools such as the Arndale Board will allow developers to integrate new features into the application development process, and ultimately create richer, more exciting apps for smart devices.

Learn more about how community development boards are helping developers create more innovative apps in the infographic below.