[Infographic] What Makes a Good Smartphone Camera?

When you snap an Instagram selfie or shoot a Vine video, there’s a tiny piece of technology inside your smartphone camera working to make sure those shots aren’t blurry or pixelated. That small – but very important – piece of technology is called an image sensor.

To help educate our readers on the importance of the image sensor, the team here at Samsung Semiconductor came up with a new infographic all about the piece of technology that makes a good smartphone camera.

Check out some of the stats we found:



The image sensor is one of the most important pieces of technology driving today’s explosion in smartphone images and videos. Just look at how much the technology has advanced in the past 6 years.


Most people know Samsung for its TVs and smartphones – but did you know we also make image sensors? In fact, we’ve been on the cutting edge of image sensor technology since 2002 – before smartphones even existed!


Be sure to check out the full infographic below. And feel free to post a link in the comments with any pictures or videos you’ve taken on your smartphone, so we can see just how great today’s image sensors really are!

SamsungCMOS_Short FINAL