More Advanced Technologies From CES

Have you ever wondered why tablets can maintain a crisp clear picture no matter which way you turn them? Samsung has a big hand in that. Not too long ago, we developed a new technology called PLS (Plane Line Switching) that offers consumers extremely wide viewing angles with no color shifting and a 30 percent improvement in power consumption. PLS is in high volume production today. 

PLS was another of the many new or recently developed leading-edge display technologies that Samsung LCD Business showed off in private viewings for its customers and the press at the Encore Hotel during CES, earlier this month. [I spoke about our transparent LCD technology in my last blog.] I mention PLS here because we see the tablet market growing dramatically, and I’m happy to point out this significant contribution that the Samsung LCD Business is making to the growth of the category.

Samsung’s PLS technology is bringing its wide-viewing angle and low-power advantages to monitors, too. How would you like to have a new Quad HD resolution monitor on your desk? Coming to local retail stores later this year, under a variety of OEM brand names, our Quad HD monitor panel offers four times the resolution of standard HD. Samsung’s Quad HD Monitor display prototype provides just another example of how the Samsung LCD Business is relentless in churning out innovations that are likely to have a major impact on the marketplace. 

You also might like to hear about (or see for yourself) our tiled panels for digital signage applications with a super narrow bezel measuring just 5.7mm for active to active pixel viewing. There’s virtually no limit to the number of screens that can be put up adjacent to one another. One breathtaking example is the 627-square foot video wall at Las Vegas’s McCarran airport using a 7.3mm bezel. This 100-screen (33’ x 19’) colossus, I’m told, offers up to four times the standard high-definition quality. Interestingly, for technology enthusiasts, multi-screen (3×3) TVs are also now available as a premium product for the home from home theater company, Runco, as part of their WindowWall line.