New Generation 3D: TelePresence Virtual Technology

Imagine being able to look at every angle of a product before making the purchase—without touching it. By rendering objects in three-dimensional (3D) form, this next generation of shopping lies somewhere between physically walking into a brick-and-mortar store and looking at static images online.

Transferring concept to reality, Samsung has teamed up with TelePresence Tech to develop the TelePresence 3D Kiosk. This technology was on display at our MOBILE-ization event in March, and the response was incredible. I encourage you to take a spin through the photo gallery that Engadget put together.


TelePresence Tech uses Samsung Digital Information Display (DID) panels and monitors to deliver a crisp, bright 3D image. As you can tell in this picture that Engadget posted, a 3D hologram of the product appears to float weightlessly in space, giving you a 360 degree view of the product you’re considering. The TelePresence Kiosk uses Samsung’s technology to deliver crystal-clear, high def images without the use of glasses.

And if you still want the one-on-one interaction with a sales rep to learn more, you can connect with a real person, even if they’re located thousands of miles away. All you need to do is press a button on the touch screen immediately below the viewing area to connect with a representative. Retailers love this concept because the TelePresence Kiosks help to cut back on costs, as they only cost about $1.50 per hour to operate – in contrast to a full-time sales associate.

Would you use this type of technology to shop? Let me know in the comments section.