Public Information Displays Surging in Popularity

The age of mass public digital communications is upon us. Large-screen displays are emerging everywhere, particularly in well-trafficked public places such as train stations, airports, hotels and shopping malls. Lately, these public displays have been receiving considerable attention as a highly effective and visually compelling communications platform, delivering a wealth of pertinent information and related commercial advertising.

Actually, public information displays (PIDs) have been used as a global delivery tool for years now to enhance informational communications and produce compelling imagery in advertisements.  They were first used in hotel lobbies and airports. Today, as they grow in popularity, you can find PIDs in department stores, banks, schools, hospitals and even bus stops. Moreover, the uses for PIDs are expanding. Have you seen the electronic boards at stock exchanges or digital canvases for masterpieces at art museums, for example?

Let’s take a closer look at this rapidly growing communications medium.

Video Walls

One of the most fascinating formats is the Video Wall, which is being increasingly used for commercial billboards, panoramic interior displays in shopping malls, information screens in convention centers and more. Thanks to recent technological advancements, Video Walls are now able to deliver ultra-slim bezel gaps (the space from bezel to bezel). Samsung Display has led bezel gap technology under 2mm.  This allows images shown across multiple large-format displays to appear as one very large screen. And, each panel in a Video Wall has to achieve precise color uniformity to help make images blend together as a single giant image. Consumer responses to Video Walls have been very positive.

Samsung Display PID- - Shopping Mall Video Wall



The newest emerging market for large-sized PIDs, called e-Boards, are taking schools, higher learning institutions and corporate conference rooms by storm. e-Boards deliver Full HD and Ultra HD resolutions in large-sized displays that are highly durable and minimize overall discoloration during long periods of operation. Samsung Display is ready to meet the needs of the expanding e-Board market with a super high resolution e-Board line-up that ranges from 65 to 82 inches in diameter.

Samsung Display corporate e-Board application


Going Outdoors

Now let’s consider outdoor versus indoor PIDs. Outdoor public displays are affected by their surroundings including ambient light, temperature and humidity. To deliver information to the public efficiently across the widest variety of environments, PIDs must have improved brightness, greater durability and higher thermal resistance than TV and PC monitors.  In overcoming every environmental constraint, Samsung displays are able to provide outstanding durability (with warranty periods of up to two years for outdoor PID applications). Additionally, an outstanding “5,000 nit” measure of display brightness has helped us to solidify our lead in the global outdoor signage market.

Samsung Dissplay - Outdoor information display


PIDs Indoor

Similarly, indoor signage has to deliver informational read-outs with remarkably clear images, such as those now being used in the Women’s Wear departments of leading retail stores, as well as at large coffee shops, hotel lobbies and corporate reception areas. In order to provide clear images under high ambient lighting conditions, a contrast ratio of 5,000:1 is considered optimal.

PID panels have long attracted the passerby with single-panel format ‘landscape mode’ imagery. But when they are set up in portrait mode, the displays can encounter problems like light-leakage. Samsung PIDs, however, can be installed trouble-free in landscape or portrait mode for virtually any single-panel or multi-screen application.

Samsung Display - Indoor retail display


Rosy Future

According to IHS research reports last year, annual revenue for the global public display market has already reached five billion dollars. In 2017, it is expected that this sales milestone will grow even further to increase global public display sales by more than 25 percent of what they were in 2015.

Yes, how we share information beyond the home is changing dramatically. It’s an exciting new world in which Samsung Display is proud to serve as the global leader.  Let us know what you would most like to see in the realm of public information displays. We’re listening intently.