Super Technology for Super Bowl XLV

I am delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you directly through our brand new Samsung Semiconductor blog site and the current topic of the upcoming televised Super Bowl experience. Super Bowl XLV is right around the corner (February 6th at Cowboys Stadium) and it will be a visual extravaganza indeed. Watching the event on your TV at home has never been more exciting – that is, if you have a brand new large flat screen TV with the latest state-of-the-art LCD display technology. 

This is something I’m really excited about – enabling you to feel like you’re on the field in the middle of the intense action. Advances in LCD display technology (which accounts for some 80 percent of all the flat-panel displays made today) have made watching sports on TV a much improved reality. With a 120 Hz (or 240Hz) refresh rate virtually eliminating motion blur, 1080P high definition for crystal clear resolution, a 16×9 aspect ratio and ultra thin designs leading to a push for larger screens (many with 50-inch plus diagonals), you have everything you need to make your house the hottest Super Bowl ticket in town. While the Super Bowl will not be broadcast in 3D this year, some sets have the capacity to convert the 2D broadcast into 3D in real-time.

And, with networks like ESPN ramping up the number of events they broadcast in 3D, in-your-face sports are right around the corner. So when buying a TV for your best viewing experience, let me recommend that you don’t allow yourself to be short-changed…spend a few more dollars (and really, it’s not that much more) to grab hold of a set with a 3D LCD display. Look for a 3D set with active glasses (the ones that use batteries). That way both your 2D and 3D TV experiences will be as vivid, bright and real as possible today. And might I recommend for the real sports enthusiasts out there, a Samsung 3D HDTV that also has Internet connectivity so you can really get into the action with more pre-game, halftime and post-game stats than we ever imagined.  

The experience of all sporting events are truly enhanced by the latest LCD TV technology, available for less than anyone would have thought just a few years ago. Check it out at your favorite retail store.