Common Platform Tech Forum – It's a Wrap

On Tuesday, Jan 18, 2011, I had the privilege of emceeing the keynote sessions at this year’s Common Platform Technology Forum, hosted by my colleagues at Samsung, IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. From my vantage point, the event was a great mix of morning keynotes and afternoon deep dives into technology that well supported the event’s theme – “Tomorrow’s Technology, Delivered Today.”

Dr. Stephen Woo, president of Samsung’s System LSI division, led off the morning with a look at the importance of developing smarter, greener chips for the ever growing number of consumer electronic products. I liked his closing comments comparing process and design enablement advances to a bicycle race, if you stop pedaling, you quickly fall behind. Samsung will keep racing to offer leadership technology to our customers. Chia Song Hwee, GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ chief operating officer, followed with details on the Common Platform alliance’s manufacturing strength and fab sync initiative extending our commitment to commonality between our fabs so that customers can manufacture a design at any of our synchronized fabs and get the same performance, even down to 28nm . Dr. Gary Patton, vice president of IBM’s Semiconductor Research & Development Center, closed out the first set of keynotes with a look at the R&D in process technology being worked on by our joint development alliance at the IBM facility in Fishkill, NY and at the Albany Nanotech Research Center. He talked about some of the innovations such as Source Mask Optimization (SMO) we are using at 20nm, advances in fully depleted devices being considered for the 14nm node and touched on silicon nanowire research for beyond 14nm.

During the second general session keynotes, Mike Muller, ARM’s chief technology officer, took us on a fascinating trip through the world of ubiquitous connectivity, smart living and the Internet of things.  From Samsung’s consumer electronics side of the house, Dr. David Steel, executive vice president of communications and strategic planning, Samsung Electronics North America, offered the audience an outlook on the consumer electronics market and how it affects the semiconductor industry. My key take-a-way from his talk is that everything is going SMART and everything is going to be CONNECTED. Lucky for us, this means a lot more high performance/low power green silicon solutions are needed to make it happen. Rounding out this session was Dr. Jim Thompson, senior vice president of engineering from Qualcomm CDMA Technologies with a view of 3G and 4G smartphones, the Internet of everything and how it will transform our lives.

I hope all of you who were able to attend enjoyed the event and found it useful to understand where the Common Platform is going and what we offer to our valued customers.

For those of you who missed the live event, there’s still an opportunity to see all of the keynote sessions via our virtual event. If you attended the live event on Tuesday, I’d like to hear your views on the conference and the material that was presented.