Giving Back to Local Communities

Samsung cares. Perhaps that’s an odd way to begin a blog, but it’s true and I’m not simply referring to caring about our customers. At Samsung Electronics America, Device Solutions, I’m proud to say we have helped many deserving families through our local community outreach, chalking up hundreds of volunteer hours and significant donations over the years. On Sept. 24, at the grand opening of our new headquarters facility in North San Jose, we started a large scholarship fund for deserving students in STEM programs at Cal State schools and the University of California. This will cover tuition aid and living expenses for deserving students for many years to come – at $25,000 per student.

Susan Martin, interim president of San Jose State University, the first recipient of our fund’s scholarship monies said at the grand opening that “We are very proud to be the first university to benefit from this tremendous gift to support students with their education.” Thank you, Susan. Schools matter a great deal and San Jose State is one of the best.

Still, there’s more to mention about our community outreach. Beyond scholarships, last week we once again decided to make a sizeable donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank (which lends a big hand to many, including children, who would otherwise go hungry) and to the Family Giving Tree (which provides gifts to needy children during the holidays, and back-to-school supplies). For 2015, we announced that we will donate $100,000 to each of these organizations.

In lending a hand to those in need, we are not only demonstrating our sensitivity, but also making our employees proud. Samsung is helping the less advantaged, particularly families with children, right where they are most vulnerable to financial pressures – at meal times, school start-up and holiday time.  Certainly every one of you has known someone who needed a little help to make ends meet at one time or another.  Here at Samsung Device Solutions, we are emphasizing support for programs that enhance the health and education of children over the long term.

The outreach that we announced at our headquarters’ grand opening is simply our way of giving back to the local communities where many of our best employees have been raised or educated, and where we are a well-recognized corporate citizen. Indeed, we do care.