[Infographic] 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Samsung

For you frequent blog readers, you know that Samsung innovates in many areas across the world of electronics.  There are dozens upon dozens of markets where Samsung innovation can be experienced.   But we should not forget that this all starts with Samsung semiconductor and display technologies, with devices that create the magic in your latest “got to have” gadget.  Innovation, coupled with quality, can be seen across our extremely broad product spectrum – from components like mobile DRAM, solid state drive, high resolution displays to  some of the hottest consumer electronic devices like smartphones and tablets.

This persistent focus on excellence was a result of a meeting in 1993 when then Samsung Chairman Lee Kun He put out a call to action across the company, uttering the now famous directive: “Change everything except for your family.”  Since then, Samsung has expanded rapidly and wisely to become a true global leader in digital electronics.

To commemorate this moment and our growing presence in many marketplaces, please enjoy this bit of trivia: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Samsung.