Building the Future Today – Memory behind the Scenes

You may not know it yet, but many of the digital innovations we’re enjoying today are enabled by flash memory. Businesses need to collect, store and analyze vast amounts of data very quickly – something for which flash memory is especially well suited.

Today, the largest resource for information doesn’t own any libraries; the largest bookseller doesn’t own any bookstores; and the largest taxi company doesn’t own any cars. What’s important in the new Digital Age is to provide service in a superior way… cheaper, faster, and more conveniently.

So how do companies get an edge in speed? Well, behind the scenes, their data centers have been upgrading to the latest innovations in storage technology.  Hard disk drives are rapidly being replaced by flash-based Solid State Drives, or SSDs.  This is not surprising, considering SSDs are about a thousand times faster and more reliable.  And when used in conjunction with data reduction technologies, they are about the same price as performance hard drives.

Data centers are also looking to reduce sprawl to further reduce operating costs. SSDs now come in capacities as large as 16TBs, enabling six times more storage in the same amount of space compared to hard disk drives.

And we’re not stopping there. The memory industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation, where capacity increases have gone from 2D to 3D scaling.  By stacking memory cells vertically in the 3rd dimension, performance and reliability are increased compared to 2D solutions.  Samsung led the way in this 3D revolution from its inception, and introduced our fourth generation 3D NAND this year.

The pace of innovation is accelerating, with more data being collected and analyzed in real-time around the globe to improve our daily lives. The migration of most data centers to flash storage means more efficient, memory-reliant systems in virtually every industry – from financial and media sectors to most of what  we see and touch in our daily lives – taxi service, bookstores, libraries and so much more.

At Samsung Semiconductor, we are excited to lead the transformation that is shaping the ways businesses operate. With our extensive SSD portfolio, we are confident we have the solutions you need to take your business to the next level.  Join the flash revolution and build your future today.  Visit us at