[Infographic] The SSD Solution

PC problems – we’ve all been there, and we’ve all experienced the same frustration when our PC doesn’t do what we need it to do. Today, PC manufacturers are in the midst of a heated debate about what the next generation of PCs will look like.

Here at Samsung Semiconductor, we believe that new technology – in the form of Solid State Drives – can help bridge the gap from the PCs of yesterday to the PCs of tomorrow. To help explain the value of SSDs in the PC world, we’ve put together a new infogaphic.

The real value of SSDs are their speed, their reliability and their portability. Just check out some of the stats we found:


What’s even more impressive is how many PC users want SSDs. Analysts are predicting that the worldwide market for SSD shipments will rise to 83 million units in 2013. And, more important,ly, 14 million SSDs will be purchased directly by consumers so that they can upgrade their PCs directly.


It’s definitely an exciting time for PC manufacturers, especially with significant advancements in SSD technology happening before our eyes.

Be sure to check out the full infographic below. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on where you think SSD technology will go from here!

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