Samsung & HPE Build a LEGO All-Flash-Array with High-Density SSDs

I am here in Spain at HPE Discover Madrid, where Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is showcasing a 3PAR 8450 All-Flash-Array that we built entirely from LEGOs! With LEGOs, you say? Why would we do that?

The Shifting Landscape

Many are predicting that data will grow almost ten-fold globally over the next decade. That planet-shifting drove of stored information is not just catering to our infatuation with photos and videos, but also with a rapidly growing number of machine connections. For example, we are seeing more data-intensive internet and banking transactions, and the coming of autonomous vehicles, plus much more in online gaming, virtual reality and digital home assistants, as well as the advent of robotic security. Behind it all, phenomenal amounts of data are being funneled into cloud infrastructures and on premise storage.

Eclipsing HDDs

This tsunami is requiring IT managers to continuously scale and build-out, but what can we do to minimize our data center footprint? The answer is already here. 3D NAND, a technology in which semiconductors are stacked vertically instead of horizontally, has greatly increased our ability to grow the capacity of solid state storage. This has enabled huge SSD densities such as Samsung’s 15.36TB SAS SSD to eclipse those of hard disk drives, which typically max out at around 2TB for performance-based HDDs, and 10TB for those that are cloud-optimized.

For many applications, SSDs are now denser than HDDs. Moreover, when using SSDs instead of HDDs, data center system providers such as HPE 3PAR can introduce more data reduction features to compress and de-duplicate data, effectively increasing usable storage capacity even 4X further!

Performance-Enhancement + Savings

So, using a 3PAR storage array with 15.36TB SSDs instead of legacy 1.8TB 10K rpm HDDs could reduce your storage footprint as much as 34X by one conservative calculation! With 3PAR’s flash-optimized software, you can compress one thousand terabytes of storage (1 petabyte) into a single 2U storage box, resulting in incredible performance, while saving on power, cooling and space.

By building a 3PAR 8450 All-Flash-Array completely out of LEGOs, HPE and Samsung are illustrating that 15TB SSDs are set to become the “building blocks” of the modern data center. If you plan to attend HPE Discover Madrid, check out the 3PAR LEGO All-Flash-Array in 3PAR’s booth #DEMO610 and even if you can’t make it, chat with us or HPE about the game-changing benefits of combining very high capacity SSDs with all-flash arrays.

Looking forward to talking storage with all of you at HPE Discover!