What Role Will Samsung Memory Play in Future Tech Trends?

At the recent IBMEdge conference, I had the opportunity to see my colleague Sylvie Kadivar present with IBM’s Dustin Fredrickson about the importance of high-performance, energy-efficient DRAM , emphasizing the growing reliance on the cloud.  Sylvie discussed several trends that will significantly impact the cloud, and therefore, our reliance on memory – one of which is wearable tech.

While most people think that wearable technology is only contingent on advancements in display components, memory solutions actually will play a critical role in making these devices become mainstream.

As manufacturers grapple with the design challenges of wearable technology, we’re thinking about the challenges associated with supporting the data behind these devices.  In fact, a new study from Rackspace found that cloud-connected wearable devices will become an integral part of the “growing network of devices […] that connect to the internet to share data in real time.”  Coupled with growing concerns about energy consumption and data center efficiency, data center managers will increasingly be on the lookout for ways to get more speed while consuming less energy – all the while minimizing operation costs.

With this in mind, Samsung continues to pave the way for enhanced memory solutions that not only save on power, but perform above industry standards.  Sylvie and Dustin’s presentation at IBMEdge touched on some of the major advantages of Samsung’s Green Memory offerings, especially when improving data center efficiency and performance.


  • Samsung’s Green DRAM memory helps reduce server power consumption by 18% compared to standard DRAM
  • Our advanced Green DDR solution can improve thermal efficiency by up to 28%, operating more than 20°C lower than traditional DDR3 products.
  • Samsung’s Green Memory SSD solutions can increase performance by more than 120X, while reducing power consumption by nearly 80%.
  • This amounts to a 25% decrease in electricity costs and overall maintenance costs.

As the industry prepares for new trends in tech, such as wearable, we’re going to see a huge spike in demand at data centers. By anticipating these trends, Samsung is staying ahead of the curve to get the technology that IT professionals need to give consumers what they want (when they want it!)


Let me know what you think will be the biggest challenge impacting demand on data centers, in the comments section below.

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